Frequently Asked Questions

How do I block someone?

Go into the conversation, click on their name, and click unmatch. This will remove the conversation from your mailbox and theirs.


How do I report someone who is harassing me?

Go into the conversation, click on their name, and click report. The conversation will be removed from both of your mailboxes and then our team will process through the incident and act appropriately to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


Who can join this app?

Currently, only students of Stanford University and Santa Clara University can join the app. We will expand out from these colleges to the rest of the Bay area and then to other cities based on interest. If your school or city isn't included, you can speed up the process here www.glimpsedating.com/expansion. Once your city has enough expressed interest we will open it to your city. 


Why is the app built like this?

Glimpse is built to incentivize conversation. We want to get you better conversations and from that, we want to get you better matches. You can find out more about it on our website www.glimpsedating.com/the-app


What new features are coming?

Our team is hard at work on these new features. If you have input on improving the app email input@glimpsedating.com


Why did a person I was talking to disappear?

Users have the ability to unmatch with their current match at any time. If they do so, the conversation will disappear from the mailbox of both users.


Why did my account get removed?

Glimpse has strict behavior rules. You can find these rules at the link below. Your account was removed for breaking one of these rules. If you believe your account was wrongfully removed, email: behavior@glimpsedating.com.


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