Intentional Design

Insight into our calculated feature creation and how each helps you



All matches show up with their pictures and names hidden, but you still have access to their full bio. After conversing with your match for 50 messages you unlock both of these and get to see which of the amazing people you swiped on you just had a great conversation with. 

Blind Mode

"Initially, we are attracted to people by their physical appearance and traits we can quickly recognize. But the things that really make us fall for someone are their deeper, more unique qualities, and usually those only come out during sustained interactions" (Modern Romance). We designed this app to focus on those sustained interactions. Dating is often described as "Looks get you in the door and personality is what keeps you around". We emulated this in order to properly balance emotional and physical attraction. According the the author of Dataclysm and researchers at Northwestern, the most important factor of matching is looks. We take this into account by allowing you to filter your dates, but we then switch the focus to the chemistry between matches. The reward system of the app is based around having good conversation rather than mindless swiping. As a result we intentionally incentivize conversation so you get more meaningful conversations and matches.

Less Superficial focus

The beauty of dating apps is you get access to tons of amazing people. There are drawbacks to this seemingly infinite supply of choices however. According to Dr.Schwartz, author of Paradox of Choice, however "it can make you question the decisions you make before you even make them, it can set you up for unrealistically high expectations". And from Columbia University's Sheen Iyengar "an excess of options can lead to indecision and paralysis". Having too many options skews your ability to see how great your current matches are. The grass isn't always greener and we want you to focus on your current matches. You can always re enter swiping by un-matching someone if the conversation isn't going well.

Choice Paradox

Users can have a maximum of five matches at any time. Once that capacity is filled, swiping is temporarily disabled. But don't worry your profile is still being shown to other users.

Limited Mailbox

User's median conversation length is displayed with their photos to potential matches swipe feeds.

Usage Statistics

Encourage conversation

This information is intended to take some of the emphasis off of appearances without compromising blind mode. If someone has a high median conversation length, it not only means that they maintain conversations for a while but also that they hold good enough conversations with people that their matches want to keep talking. This allows potential matches to see how good of a conversationalist they are and if they are worth the swipe. Overall this incentivizes conversations but doesn't hurt you because if you have to unmatch with someone quickly because they are a bad it won't sway your median much at all. 

Dating apps, should be called Introduction apps. Our goal is to introduce you to amazing people who you can properly filter before amazing dates and adventures. By forcing both users to answer this question before they can continue the conversation we encourage users to be considerate about how their conversation is going and push users toward expanding their communication past text. 

End goal of the app

At fifty and one hundred messages, both people in the match must respond to a short survey that asks if they are ready to: call, video call, go on a date, or need more time. 

Dating survey