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Community Standards

Updated: Apr 18

Community Standards:

We’re happy to have you join Glimpse! It is our goal that this app will allow you to swipe less and talk more.

It is important to us that everyone is treated with respect. That being said, we have established the following guidelines for everyone to follow in order to cultivate a welcoming, safe environment.

Please review our policies and be sure to follow them. If you feel that a user is not obeying our guidelines, there is an option to report them. Users can be immediately removed from the app and will no longer be able to use it in the future.

Glimpse Guidelines:

Let’s keep our community safe! Please see what you can and cannot do on our app.

You must be 18+.


  • No guns

  • No nudity or pornographic material

  • No children photos who are not accompanied by adult

Language and Behavior:

  • Glimpse has a zero tolerance policy for any kind of harassment, bullying, or hate speech. If you receive any message that makes you feel violated in any way, please report to us through the report feature in the app.

  • This is a platform of building connections, so let’s treat others like real human beings and like how you would off the app.


  • No solicitation of products or services - (ie: venmo, paypal, onlyfans, etc is prohibited)

  • Don’t use our app for advertisement or solicitation, including sexual acts

Be Yourself

  • No trying to impersonate someone or using a false identity

  • Only use photos that you have the rights of

Failure to comply with our Glimpse Guidelines will result in your account being disabled and you will be banned from the app. Glimpse Dating reserves the right to terminate accounts that do not follow our guidelines without warning.

Our community is made up of diverse individuals from different backgrounds and it is vital that everyone is treated with kindness, so follow these guidelines.

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