• Calvin Acker

Expansion, when can you join?

Glimpse is launching April 23rd at two select schools in the bay area, Stanford and Santa Clara University. These two neighboring schools will give a tight nit group of users who can both enjoy the app and give us feedback on the app before we start our national expansion.

Due to the fact that dating apps need a big group of users in close proximity, called a critical mass, we have decided to expand school by school. With the help of Ambassadors at each school we advertise to build a strong initial userbase and then allow our product to speak for itself as it expands via word of mouth.

As is displayed in the graphic, our first expansion will target three west coast cities where Glimpse has been heavily requested, as well as an expansion to more Bay Area schools.

If you want Glimpse to reach your schools sooner, fill out the form linked below. If enough interest is expressed by a school or group of schools in close proximity we will move them up in our launch list.


Finally, if you feel as strongly about Glimpse as we do, sign up for our Ambassador Program. Not only is this a great way to flex your sales muscles and learn about advertising but you also get well compensated both with money and merchandise.


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