• Calvin Acker

How to maximize your perceived attraction with 5 science driven steps

Updated: Aug 10

Use a high quality camera.

Borrowing a friends DSLR is going to make a big difference in your perceived attractiveness according to a study done by OkCupid shown here.

Stand out in the photo.

You should be the main focus, this is achieved by doing a few things.

First off wear a contrasting color from the background. You're not a hunter, camouflaging is actually our enemy here. Studies have shown that red is one of the best colors for this.

See how much more the first photo pops? Photographer Aaron Brown

Additionally make sure the

field of view for the camera is set to low. Use the aperture to ensure that your face is crisply in view but everything behind you is blurred. You want people to see how attractive you are not the view behind you.

Finally, take up the majority of the frame, no one wants to have to squint to see you.


According to Coffee Meets Bagel - "Of the men who are "liked" more than 50 percent of the time, 79 percent are showing their teeth when they smile, while the percentage for women is 58". So smile, no one is too cool to crack a grin.

Don't use Flash.

According to a study done by OkCupid, having the flash on increases your perceived age by 7 years on average.

Avoid selfies.


As you use these tips in your dating app of choice remember that these can help you get more matches but your choice in dating app is the biggest factor in how those matches translate to real dates. Glimpse is built entirely to get you talking more to each of your matches, because conversation is where meaningful connection is made. Go make these changes to your dating profile and if you don't see your matches turning into dates the way you want then hit the download button above.


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