• Calvin Acker

One in four college graduates is single

As graduates walk proudly off of their campuses for the last time as students, they are also walking away from the best dating network they will ever have. They have been living in an abundant melting pot of some of the most academically driven and intellectually curious singles on the planet. With that resource gone, pressing questions arise like what would have happened if I got up the courage and asked my crush out? And more importantly what am I going to do now?

One in four college graduates are single across all age ranges (1). Yet these singles feel isolated as they see their friends settling down with their college sweethearts and start doubting their value. This is a huge loss because these singles are the cream of the crop and there are tons of people looking for someone with their qualifications. The issue is the inability to find one another in a sea of normality.

These bachelors and bachelorettes with bachelors earned their way into and through a top tier university. Now that work grants them access to the dating network they deserve. Using their alumni email address, graduates of select universities can re-engage with a network of singles on par in quality and quantity with their college campus on Glimpse

Glimpse is determined to bridge this gap and allow these singles to find one another. Download and try it.

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