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Our big pivot and the future of Glimpse

Updated: Jul 20

Just over two months ago my team and I launched our first version of Glimpse. With high ambitions of helping daters to meaningfully connect we pushed our simply designed app to the world.

The response from our initial launch was positive. More than 600 college students joined the app and it was clear from our data that conversations were lasting longer on our app than any other which is what we set out to achieve. Users reviewed the app well and other feedback indicated that people really enjoyed the new matching system.

The problem was that we were struggling to obtain new users. Although we can dream of being an overnight success like Tinder or Facebook, the truth is that getting your idea into the world takes lots of planning and effort that we had glossed over. We needed a more clear marketing plan as well as a better growth engine built into the app. With time needed to update the app and plan our spread we took a pause on user acquisition.

In doing so and connecting with users we came to see that one feature early adopters really enjoyed was the college exclusivity. That is the fact that only people from selected college can join, and the sign up process ensures that the students go to the college they claim to.

After doing user testing and further research we have decided to pursue this further. We are now pivoting to become a university graduate dating app. We are maintaining the same matching system (with some improvements) as we are still heart set on helping daters to connect in a more meaningful and healthy manner. But we are now going to fill the biggest hole we see in online dating, the alumni problem.

Upon graduating, college students go from having access to driven and interesting singles all around them on campus to having no way to reach that quality dating pool ever again. It's a scary thought especially considering the classes of students that are leaving college without having access to this dating pool for their last quarters due to Covid-19.

As alumni get older these singles feel isolated as their friends get married and settle down. The reality is that one in four people with college degrees are single across all age ranges. We want to create a resource for Bachelors and Bachelorettes with Bachelors to connect. We offer the ability to find someone who is equally as driven and academically curious as you, and who is in the same stage of life.

We're excited to announce this brand remodel...

Don't worry if you're an undergraduate on the app, you're still welcome. We consider you to be a future alumni are grouped into our alumni focus.

Look out for our relaunch in the coming weeks. More information to come

Happy chatting

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