• Calvin Acker

Who is included in our initial launch?

Glimpse will soon be available to graduates of all 4-year colleges, one in four of whom is single across all age ranges according to a recent study. To join, users must swiftly verify their alumni status, a process that is intended to make the dating community drastically safer and more honest.

Currently, Glimpse is available to the graduates of the top 300 US colleges with a focus on alumni who reside in The Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego. If your city or college isn’t included, fill out this form to speed up the expansion to you

See if your college is one of the top 300 here:

If you're college isn't on the list, be sure to fill out the form as we will expand to the areas with the most interest first. Additionally if you know someone who fits launch group and will benefit from using Glimpse be sure to reach out to them.

Some of our schools - Google Images

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