The App Design

There are three key elements that make Glimpse the best dating app for meaningful connections. Our whole goal is to incentivize conversation because this is where real connection is made and is the biggest hole in the dating app world. All of our competition is focused on the number of matches and that is evident in their app design.  


First, Glimpse matches users through a filtered blind dating process. Think about it like you get to swipe through and filter for whom you want to be your potential matches on the show Love is Blind. You select the people that you would be interested in talking to. If they are mutually attracted to you, they show up in your mailbox anonymously. Now you must get to know them, exchange 20 messages, in order to unlock their full profile and see who it is. This incentivizes conversation as users can’t get the reward of seeing how great their match is until after they talk to them.


Second, users have a limited mailbox size that can only fit 6 matches. Once the mailbox is full users temporarily lose access to swiping. This focuses users' attention on conversation and establishes competition. If your match doesn’t give you the attention you deserve you are incentivized to clear them from your mailbox so you can go back to swiping. 


Third, Glimpse is only available to college graduates and active students. This is a security measure intended to increase accountability and safety among the online dating community. According to the Pew Research Center, 53% of women in the US think online dating isn’t safe, we wanted to address that. The majority of colleges perform background checks so only allowing people who have gone through the admissions scrutiny gives our community that same screening. Additionally, this increases accountability as your account is tied to your alma mater and university email rather than a Gmail you made 2 minutes ago.